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Are you ready to partner with a team of professionals that have years of experience across several industries and walks of life? Learn from our certified speakers, and trainers. We are independent coaches with the John Maxwell Team who are excited to share with you our wealth of resources to help you in your growth journey. 
Randy & Melissa Haas, John Maxwell Certified Trainers, Speakers and Coaches
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Whether you are looking for tools to help you grow as an individual in your personal and professional life to help your team grow into a more effective and high-functioning team we have tools for you. We teach webinars, facilitate mastermind groups, lead 1/2 day to multi-day team building workshops, lead sales bootcamps and provide 1-on-1 or team coaching. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can customize a package just for you or you and your team/organization!
Melissa Haas
Melissa is a CPA with 20 years of experience in accounting. She has worked in public accounting, retail accounting, and oil & gas. She has over 13 years of experience in the oil & gas industry with over 5 years in management. She is passionate about teaching people how to become great leaders and build successful teams. She enjoys helping people learn how to build influence to take their leadership to the next level.
Randy Haas
Using a leadership training method that brings emotional intelligence to the tech world, Randy Haas is bringing the opportunity mindset to IT teams. We believe that technology teams that prioritize each other’s strengths are teams that produce greater outputs. Utilizing active listening, and emotional intelligence training, Randy Haas has taken dysfunctional teams to greater heights. Whether you’re organizing a small team or leading an enterprise-scale group, Randy Haas is uniquely equipped to consult your leadership team on what he does best: leading with intention.
Jason Leger
Jason comes from a unique marketing, operations and technical background that has proven to help businesses maximize their investments in their people, processes and technology. As a certified coach, Jason has lead technical teams, creative teams and mentored teams around the nation at colleges, seminars and one on one. 
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